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Astrology Software: A Complete Guide

For over 37 years, I've evaluated and reviewed virtually every astrology software program created in the U.S., and many international programs. After writing my book Astrology on Your Personal Computer, I began reviewing astrology software for The Mountain Astrologer, the AFA Bulletin, and American Astrology.

Thousands of astrologers rely on my expertise in choosing exactly the right astrology software to meet their needs, and I continue to help and guide people around the world at no charge. Please feel free to contact me via email to let me know what you are looking for.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2022


My new Vedic Tutorial "The Importance of Skew in Astrology"
and new True Color Photos of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

Janus 6 -- a major new upgrade

Great new free Nakshatra resource

Your astrology program is miscalculating charts

Daylight savings in Mexico, Why keep software up-to-date

Mars Retrograde, Open AI, and Aromatherapy

The Optimal Use of Astrology Software
A Major Update of
my most important astrology software article

An Important ACS atlas update,
Astrolabe's free 2023 Hot Degrees
and Going Deeper into Retrogrades,
How Infant Temperament Extends Its Reach Into Young Adulthood,
and my latest tutorial "Understanding Retrogrades"

The Magic of Chandra Lagna
my latest Vedic article

Mini-articles in my Insights column
and great photos plus a free Saturn's rings program

Great astronomy photos
and a new tutorial
"Psychology and the 4th House Cusp"

All about Astrology Software

The End of and Beginning of a New Era

Never buy a Windows "S mode" computer

Internal and External Aspects

The Most Transformative Transits

Beyond Contradictions in Astrology
my new tutorial

The free Windows program every astrologer should have

The most beautiful photo of a comet ever made!

Temporal Significators -- The True Indicators of Life Themes

The most detailed photos of the Sun ever created

Incredible Solar and Planetary Animations

Transcending Reductionism in Astrology:
Part Two

A stunning array of Jupiter photos
from the new Juno space mission

The Top Ten Astrology Programs

An amazing Jupiter video

Transcending Reductionism in Astrology:
Part One

Insights on Partiles, Passion, and Sexual Deviance

Subscription-based astrology apps

How to select chart points and aspected points in Solar Fire
my latest YouTube video

The Top Ten Astrology Software

Beginning, intermediate, and advanced astrologers have all praised my over 150 free tutorials in Western and Vedic astrology, which you can read by clicking here.

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The Ultimate Guide to Astrology Software   free astrological programs & demos of professional programs, comprehensive tutorials, lowest prices, and more.

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My New Secure Astrology Software Order Form with discount pricing, links to reviews, and free extras.

Read my answers to Frequently Asked Questions, by clicking here.   Updated Wednesday, May 11, 2011 also offers:

New Video Tutorials on the best professional astrology programs including Solar Fire Gold, Kepler, Sirius, Millennium, and more.

Teachings on Astrology:

a. Teachings in Western and Vedic Astrology Over 100 tutorials in both Western and Vedic astrology. Articles include: What Every Student Should Know, Understanding the Signs, A Gentler Approach to Chart Readings, Why Chart Readings Fail and how they can work, How to approach a Vedic chart, Blending Western & Vedic astrology, and much more.

b. The Signs of the Zodiac: A page for each sign, with attributes, the results of each sign in balance, insufficiency, and excess, medical correlates, famous exemplars of each sign, and the house(s) correlated with the sign and its themes.

c. A Voyage to the Planets: Beautiful photos of each of the planets, plus a very detailed description of the planet, including its astronomy, correspondences, principles, actions, gifts, and lessons.

d. The Bridge of Skies TMA article which examines a variety of Vedic techniques that actually work when transplanted to Western astrological work, including deeper meanings of the houses, nodes, combustion, and retrogradation.

e. A reading list of the best astrological books, including brief commentary.

f. A series of articles including How to Approach A Chart, Understanding The Midheaven, On Nakshatras, Shocks and Personal Transformation (the 6th, 8th, and 12th houses and their meanings) and more.

g. The Heart of Astrology, an Astrological Manifesto. An essay on the politics of astrology.

Additional Tools for working with Astrological Programs including Internet links to enable users of every major program to easily update their software, how to get software through me at great discounts, and more.

My companion website also has literally over a hundred psychic channelings on the path to Spirit, gourmet chocolate recipes that I've invented, tools for individuals and couples to heal and transform, and more.

I hope that both of my websites enrich your experience of astrology. I have been practicing astrology for 35 years, and have been working with astrological programs -- and reviewing them for publication -- for most of that time. I cannot tell you have incredibly far we have come in terms of the power and ease of use of software for astrology. Just a few examples are the lovely artistic chart wheels that have recently become available, the huge databases of famous peoples' charts -- complete with their biographies --, the diverse range of research features, and the incredible number of well-written interpretive reports. There are tools for assisting astrologers with rectification, extensive capabilities for the Vedic Astrologer, powerful astro-mapping capabilities, and much more.

For those learning astrology, my website also has over 100 free tutorials and articles for both beginning and more advanced students. I add additional tutorials bimonthly, and also have a weekly weblog which offers the latest news about programs, video tutorials, reports on the latest bugs, tips and tricks to get the most out of your software, and much more.

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